church decorated for wedding


 Guides at 6.00

Cameo (Come and meet everyone -Trinity's Ladies' Group) at 7.30 pm

( Alternative Weeks)


 Coffee Morning at 11.00am

Craft and Card Stall at 10.30am

Music Group at 6pm

St John's (First Aid) Children at 6pm

St John's (First Aid) Adults at 7.30pm


 Junior Choir (Rising Stars) at 4.30 to 6pm 


 Mums & Toddlers at 10am

Rainbows at 5pm

Brownies at 6pm


 Art Group at 10 am

Art Group at 1.30 pm


 Saturday Snacks at 10 am

Card and Craft stall at 10 am

For details of upcoming events please use the link below:

What's on