Trinity Church Porthcawl

  • Trinity Methodist and The United Reformed Church
  • John Street
  • Porthcawl
  • Bridgend
  • CF36 3DT



large Teddy

Rev Prof Teddy Kalongo. 

Telephone (Manse) 01656786070.      Mobile is 07484853067


The minister is Reverend Professor Teddy Kalongo. He has been with us for 7 years as our regular minister and is also responsible for the other churches in our Area. Services may be led by a variety of lay preachers.

He is responsible for the pastoral care of Trinity and Superintendent minister for the Bridgend United Area. This is a part of an ecumenical Circuit/Area with other churches.  The four largest churches are joint ecumenical Methodist/United Reformed Church ventures, one of which is also Baptist.

Theologically, Trinity is of the liberal tradition, neither charismatic nor conservative evangelical. There is an "open door" nonjudgmental policy with regard to Baptisms, weddings and Funerals.

The Church organisations are led by Teams, all of whom have a representative on the Church Council/Elders meeting which is chaired by the Minister. They are the managing trustees of the church.

Trinity's Mission is:

To Spread the Good News of God's love in the world.

To encourage people's growth in spirituality and in their understanding of their relationship with God.

To play a caring, serving role in our community.

To actively encourage Christians, from all traditions, to work and worship together.


Trinity is part of the Area circuit and the minister and lay preachers alternate services throughout the local churches. Here is the order of services and preaching plan from October to November 2021.

Please click on the link below for details of the services.